Thursday, August 5, 2010

New emoticon for facebook chat : Penguin

New emoticon! <(") = Penguin

Hello friends, there is a new smiley - emoticon for facebook chat !! : <(")=Penguin. Like the last time the new one is an animal. The last time the shark was the last published. (^^^) = Shark

For the complete list of emoticons for facebook chat CLICK HERE:

Here is our version of penguins made with facebook symbols

Penguins made with facebook symbols:

Penguin baby:

Penguin eating fish
(o<   <º))))><  

What other surprises and new emoticons facebook bring us next?
Will be more animals? ....
What do you think? ,

Don't forget to be aware here of these and other updates. There are always new cool shapes, symbols, ASCII art shapes and more surprises for you!

Enjoy them!

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  1. i've wanted to comment a few times, on things that i can either relate to Ascii art shapes or really move me, but i dont know how to comment. i see that other people have...



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