Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hack Mobile Phone by using bluetooth

This is the mobile app which allows you to gain access to one's phone via bluetooth without their knowledge,using bluetooth hacking software u can hack any mobile or cell phones this software is the latest version Bluetooth Hack v 1.07. click here to download.
Note: after download use password:  youthicon.info

Advantages of this software:
Once if ur connected to another phone via bluetooth you can:
- u can read his/her messagess
- u can read his/her contactss
- u can change hi/her profile
- u can also play his/her ringtones even his/her phone is in silent
- u can play his songs from his/her mobile
- u can restart his/her mobile
- u can switch off his/her mobile
- u can restore his/her factory setings
- u can also change ringing volume of his/her mobile..
- the best part of it is u can call from his mobile which also includes all call functions like hold on etc etc...

This software is very much suitable for sony ericcsson mobiles.

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