Monday, January 18, 2010

Ten Tips To Make a Successful Orkut Community

Many Orkut users love to have their own Orkut Communities. They want to share their thoughts, discuss on a topic and to spread some message. But the main problem is that how many people can you bring in to join? Millions of Orkut communities are present but dead. No one are even aware of their existence. If you are a Orkut Maniac, and want to make a successful orkut community, then this post is for you. Remember, a successful orkut community attracts people on it's own. Those communities never stand on the invite feature only. People love the contents, find them interesting and then they don't hesitate to join. Here I am giving you 10 tips to make a successful Orkut community.

  • Think big! - Make a community about something that many people like. Don't even think to create something like "I love the colour of my room" or "Nokia Phone Charger" and hope that thousands of people will join.
  • List - Orkut is having a feature called "Related Communities". A list of related communities appear on the main page of community. This is a very good way to attract people. First track some communities with fairly users with the same topic as yours. Request the owner of that community to add your community in his related community. A polite scrap to the owner of that community might do the job.
  • Increase your social network - The more friends you have on Orkut, the bigger its influence to invite them to join the community. But don't send them invites each day, which will bother them. Sending invites once a month is fine.
  • Be creative - If the newspapers today commented on some very astonishing news and popular, create a community about it on Orkut and call everyone to enter. People love hot topics and current affairs.
  • Avoid - Avoid communities with topics bobos, controversial, racist or prejudiced. These things won't bring you more people, and also you make a good chance to get banned from Orkut.
  • Choose the dispaly photo - Choose the perfect photo to illustrate your community. A good image draws attention and makes that more people come into your space. It's has been proved.
  • Take care of your community - Do not ever give someone a chance to spam your community. If you do not have patience or time to administrate it, choose two/three persons of trust and place them as moderators.
  • Create topics, games, polls ... - The more fun, more people will enter and remain there. So, always remeber to keep your community updated with some latest topic under your niche. Create some polls and events.
  • Encourage community members with some prizes - You can arrange some contests and encourage people to participate. In return you can award them with a moderator post or if you have enough money, you can go for ipods or pen drives etc. This will make interest among your community members to be active and also invite their friends.
If you are really serious on this, post a comment, and I will guide you with some more tricks to bring more people to join your orkut community.

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